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Books and Films

Man reading The Shed That Fed a Million Children book

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Purchasing one of our books not only makes a fantastic gift for a friend, it's also a great way to support our charity

Delve deeper into the work of Mary’s Meals and our mission to reduce child hunger at school through our heart-warming books. Purchasing a copy goes a long way to support our work to feed the next hungry child and helps us spread the word and the inspirational stories of the schools and communities we serve.


Drawing on almost 30 years of experience in the charity sector, GIVE challenges traditional thinking and explores how acts of charity can enrich our lives.

‘Such an inspiring and thoughtful rediscovery of the sheer beauty of charity. The loveliest book I’ve read this year.’ – Bishop John Keenan 

The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children

Our bestselling book about a little tin shed in Scotland that is bringing hope to millions of hungry children around the world.

The Shed That Fed A Million Children is now available as an updated special edition, celebrating our incredible milestone of feeding 2 million children across 19 countries every school day.

Not much of a reader? Get inspired with our collection of short films

Child 31

Experience the power of a daily meal as our CEO Magnus-MacFarlane-Barrow visits some of the communities where Mary’s Meals are served.


Love Reaches Everywhere

Follow Hollywood actor Gerard Butler’s heartwarming adventure as he travels to Liberia and Haiti with Mary’s Meals’ founder, Magnus.


Generation Hope

A snapshot of a new generation who, having enjoyed Mary’s Meals as children, are building a brighter future for their communities.


Food changes the story.

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